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By supporting the Good Samaritan Centre you can help many people to get their lives back on track. Drug abuse and dependency is an illness, not a character defect. A person being treated for this condition should be shown the same respect as a person with any other medical condition.

Any amount donated to the centre will be greatly appreciated and help our ongoing work with people in this very difficult position.

Sponsor a Tree

The Good Samaritan Centre has over 800 organic olive oil trees in a 12 hectare grove. A local cooperative, called Olivalle, presses the olives and buys the oil, which is then sold as organic extra-virgin olive oil. The producers of Olivalle are dedicated to the environment, and they have promoted the organic and ecological farming practices among its partners, using no synthetic chemical products, with the main objective of protecting the environment and natural landscape and obtaining a healthy product of the highest quality. Click here to find out more about the health benefits of olive oil.

The scheme starts from £40 annually and includes benefits to you!
You will receive 3 litres of Olivalle organic extra-virgin olive oil each year, a certificate of sponsorship and a bi-annual newsletter on the work of the centre.

If you give £65 or more annually, we are able to claim Gift Aid on your donation, increasing your donation by 28%.

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